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Free diagnostics

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Our services

Computer repair

repair of system blocks and monitors. setting up the computer.

Laptop Repair

Fault diagnosis. Replacement of defective components. Cleaning of dust and replacement of thermal paste.

Windows installation

Installing the operating system Windows 10,11. Installing a drivers and programs.

New Computer Build

Building a computer from scratch can not only help you in saving a lot of money, but also help you in understanding your machine better.

Whats happened?

The most common causes of computer equipment malfunctions and solutions.
Does not turn on
Does not turn on

reinstalling the operating system, replacing a failed power supply unit, repairing the cooling system.

Сomputer crashed
Сomputer crashed

Installing the operating system, virus removal and protection installation, SSD & RAM upgrade.

Computer is slow
Computer is slow

BIOS firmware, Cleaning the cooling system, SSD & RAM upgrade.

Problem with the internet
Problem with the internet

Reinstalling OS, virus removal, installing drivers.

Not loading
Not loading

Installing OS, deleting viruses, SSD & RAM upgrade, upgrade cooling system.

Virus removal

In home computer repair service. A comprehensive cleaning includes removal of all viruses, trojans, backdoor infections, spyware, adware, malware, browser hijackings. Virtumonde, winfixer, Spyware removal, startup items removed. Plus a tuneup service. The works!. 


Replacing thermal grease, cleaning cooling system, upgrade cooling system.

Need new computer

Built a computer by home use, gaming, or for office.

Need new computer
Don't know

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You may save on repair, if..

Bring your computer or laptop to me

Bring your computer or laptop to me and you can save 20% on repairs or customization.

First contact

Save 20% if you call me first time.

Social responsibility

20% discount for pensioners and large families.

My standard prices


Let's find a solution together!

Let's find a solution together! Describe the problem, and I will find the best solution, save you time and give you a discount.

Thank you for calling.

We repair all types and models of laptops


Stages of work

Simplicity and transparency in the work is determined by the precise execution of the work plan. Preliminary diagnostics allows you to determine the final cost of the work.



You leave a request in any way convenient for you: by contact phone, by leaving a request on the website or by writing a message in the messenger (WhatsApp,messenger)

Diagnostic and an estimate

Before we begin the repair, we provide a detailed diagnostic and an estimate.

Repair works

After agreeing on the cost of work, I proceed to repair and setting up the computer


I give a guarantee of up to 1 year for all work, and if a warranty case occurs, I will perform all work for free. For spare parts, the warranty is issued from the manufacturer and is up to 36 months.

Customer reviews



Good service, fast work, everything was fixed. I will recommend to my friends.

Отзыв о работе мастера
Anna P.

Browsers are working. We agreed on remote consultations if questions arise. 

Отзыв о работе мастера
Emy Z

Thank you very much. Everything was installed as agreed. Answered all questions. I will apply again.

The most popular questions

If the computer does not respond to the power button, then the power supply or motherboard is faulty. I can come to your home or office and run diagnostics. Based on the results, I will announce the final cost of the repair and, upon agreement, I will start work.

Most likely, this problem is related to damage to the root directory of the operating system. We can restore from a system backup. Another way, we can transfer the information to another storage device and reinstall the operating system.

Over time, any computer begins to slow down. This problem is associated with incorrect configuration of the operating system, installation to many programs. We can improve computer performance

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